Sneakily sneaking in. . .


I’m Angeline! I like jellybeans. No, more than like. LOVE!

I’m sneaking in today to tell you all that I’m starring in my very own book! It’s called Angeline Jellybean and it’s all about ME! My creator, Miss Crystalee Calderwood, doesn’t know I’m sneaking on to her writing blog thingy. I thought I just wanted to tell you all about  book.

You can get it from the awesome 4RV Store at and!  Everything you need to know about the book  is below.

I’m off to eat my salad! Bye!


51s6euaiftl__sl500_aa240_2 Title: Angeline Jellybean

Author: Crystalee Calderwood

Illustrator: Stephen Mcquignon

ISBN 10: 0979751381

Available at: and 4RV Publishing 


One response to “Sneakily sneaking in. . .

  1. Hi Angeline,
    I think it’s pretty cool that you were able to sneak onto to Duck Soup blog 🙂

    I love your book!

    Enjoy your salad!

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